Overnight Quad Bike Safari Tour Doha Qatar – Overnight Quad Desert Adventure

Quad Bike Night sand dune safari Tour / Overnight ATV Tour / Qatar night Quad Biking Desert Safari


Overnight Quad Biking Adventure Safari Tour Package Doha Qatar


Join us on a Quad-Bike Safari desert adventure tour you will never forget and quad riding experience of a lifetime! Ride through the constantly changing smooth golden sand dunes and slide through the trackless desert, deal with both low and high sand dunes in Qatar. Once you’re tired, stop relax for a moment and after a soft refreshments you set off again. This Overnight off-road Quadbike safari adventure tour is especially suited to both the discerning outdoor adventure fanatic and nature lovers.

After a short information about the rules of off-road riding / driving and safety instructions riders will get their safety gears. Now it’s time to take control of your fully automatic quad-bike or your powerful manual gear Yamaha raptor and feel the adrenaline pumps as our expert tour  guide leads you to the middle of golden sand dunes of Qatar.


Don’t know how to ride a quad-bike, or never ridden a quad before and love to learn how ride a quad-bike ? No problems – we can help you learn how to ride a quad-bike. Prior to departure all quad-bike-riders will be given a detailed safety information also riding instructions.


  • The Minimum age for driving is 15 yrs.
  • Helmets & riding goggles provided.
  • Disclaimer form against damage and personal injury required to be signed.
  • This is a guided-tour and not a racing session
  • Tailor made packages can be arranged for larger groups by offering additional activities.

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